Leather purses are expensive and people justify buying the bags because they have great lasting quality. When people purchase an expensive leather bag, they do so with the intent of using it for a long period of time.

So imagine the disappointment when that leather gets stained and the entire appearance of the purse is ruined.

Thankfully, there are many different ways to get a stain out of a leather purse. But before we even get into that, it is important to discuss a treatment that is just as important to your treasured leather bag as cleaning.  

It is called conditioning – specifically, applying Leather Honey to your leather bag. You want to do this on a regular basis because it helps prevent staining as well as enhances the leather’s flexibility. Conditioning will also keep the leather from cracking. 

It is a relatively simple process, simply apply the Leather Honey to a small, hidden test area to ensure that your handbag reacts well to a conditioner. Once the test area has dried and you are ready to move forward, use a dry, lint-free rag or make-up sponge to rub in a thin layer of the conditioner and let it air dry. The conditioning process will help preserve your bag’s appearance by maintaining its strength and its shine. Conditioning should be done after you clean your purse.

Cleaning your purse is just as easy.

Follow the directions on a leather cleaner – some will require dilution with water; others are used full-strength. Empty your handbag and with the leather cleaner and a dampened rag, begin wiping the surface of the purse. Use another dry rag to polish the leather, slowly and smoothly.

It is important to note that ink stains require a little more vigor. Rubbing alcohol can be extremely helpful with such stains. Apply the alcohol sparingly.

Bloodstains can be challenging as well. Surprisingly, a combination of lemon juice and cream of tartar is a common recipe for this type of stain. The mixture must sit on the stain for several minutes before it needs to be wiped off with a dry rag.

Grease stains from food are the hardest types of stains to clean off of a leather purse. In most cases, a professional cleaner may be your only option. However, it is worth giving it the old dry rag try. Using a dry rag, blot the stain so that the grease absorbs into the rag.

Always check the tags on your bag before any type of cleaning. Certain types of leather may have different treatment options. In addition, a test blot should always be done on a small corner of the leather before applying soap or conditioner to the whole bag. Most soap designed for leather will be safe to use and Leather Honey works on all types of leather (except suede) but a quick test is always a safe bet. 

I received my Leather Honey yesterday and I’m sure I’ll be purchasing more as it was just as described. I had just bought a premium designer handbag. a Chloe, and on the care instructions it suggested that the bag be waterproofed & treated before use…”

I used your product on my brand new shoes…I wear Anzo leather-soled and glove-soft uppers to work. They used to last about one year before the leather sole would deteriorate and come apart and out they’d go. Since I have been painting the soles with Leather Honey, I have some that are going on four years!”

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