There is no denying the beauty and sophistication of leather furniture. This is why it is so upsetting when you notice a stain on your leather chair or couch. The panic that it is ruined hits you like a punch in the stomach. Never fear, there are many ways to clean leather furniture and to remove stains.

Before you take any action, it is highly recommended that you do two things first:

1)     Read the tags and any literature that came with the piece of furniture. If you are unable to find those, call the manufacturer from where it was purchased. Inquire if there are any cleaning substances that may cause a damaging reaction to the leather.

2)     Test any cleaning and conditioning product on a small, hidden area of the leather before applying it directly to the stain.

Once you have determined that the leather is safe to clean and condition, you may proceed to the stain. With leather, stain remedies vary based on what caused the stain.  See below:

  • Ink stains can be removed with small applications of Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). This generally works with lighter ink stains. However if the pen has actually bled into the leather and has absorbed into the pores, you will want to call a professional.
  • Water stains are relatively easy to fix. In most cases, they can be fixed by rubbing a damp cloth across the piece of the furniture that has the water stain. For example, if the stain is on a cushion, wipe the damp cloth across the whole cushion to prevent any lines that outline the stain.
  • Grease stains are perhaps the most challenging stains to remove. The immediate reaction is to apply water but REFRAIN from doing that since it will only make the stain worse. Instead take dry rags – lots of them, and continue to blot it until the grease absorbs into the rags. If this doesn’t work, try using talcum powder. Apply it liberally to the affected area, wait a few hours before wiping it with a clean rag.

Best practices of keeping a piece of leather furniture clean include: not eating and drinking on it, not sitting on it in wet clothes and cleaning regularly to avoid body oil build-up.

Another great way to maintain the beauty of leather furniture is to condition it after every clean. By keeping the leather moisturized with Leather Honey, your furniture is less vulnerable to stains, fading and cracking. Leather Honey is 100 percent toxin free. Leather responds beautifully to natural substances, which is why these home remedies are so effective. 

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