Motorcycle enthusiasts generally take very good care of their bikes. They know that proper maintenance is the best way to keep them from getting stranded on an empty highway. The basics of motorcycle maintenance include regular oil checks, ensuring the bike chain is lubricated and checking the air pressure on the tires. In addition to maintenance work, it is important to clean and condition the leather motorcycle seat on a regular basis. Since it is so porous, leather attracts dust, dirt and other debris from the road. The grime will seep into the leather without much notice to the rider. Once the leather begins to dry out and crack, however, the rider starts to pay attention, as the beautiful leather seat gradually appears old and aged. Cleaning is the first step of protection when it comes to leather motorcycle seats, while conditioning is another important line of defense. The process for cleaning leather is relatively simple. Follow the directions on a leather cleaner – some will need to be mixed with water, while others are ready to use right out of the bottle. Using a lint-free cloth, begin rubbing the leather with the rag in circular motions, adding a little extra elbow grease to areas that appear stained. When this is complete, use a dry rag to blot any access water or soap so that it does not dry on the leather. Let the seat dry naturally. Do not use a heater to speed up the drying process. As soon as the seat is dry, begin the leather conditioning process. Water and soap are great for cleaning leather, however, they also tend to dry it out. Dry leather will crack and eventually begin to fade. Therefore following a good cleaning with a good conditioning is a very important step while treating motorcycle seats. Use Leather Honey to condition the leather after it has dried, applying a thin, even coat. Ours is a non-toxic, water-repellent formula that replenishes the leather so it looks as good as new. Always let the conditioner dry naturally as well. The entire process should take no longer than an hour. An hour every few weeks can add years to the lifespan of a leather motorcycle seat.

  • I applied Leather Honey to my Brooks leather jacket which was purchased in 1991. Never been treated and I applied one coat which made it look almost new again. I may have to apply more in certain weathered areas but the product really made a difference. Wait till I show my riding friends….”
  • I could not be more pleased if I tried hard. These bags are 13 years old, been on a motorcycle all those years with nothing done to them until I bought the bike. One evening working on the bags with Leather Honey and I have soft workable bags. All I can say is thank you so much for a product which actually does what it is advertised to do….”

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