Leather jackets are not just for bikers and supermodels anymore. Nowadays everyone from teenagers to adults is sporting the leather look. Unlike most fashion trends, this one is here to stay. Jackets made from real leather do not come cheap. If you own a leather jacket and intend on keeping it for a long period of time, it is essential that you regularly clean and condition it. Leather will remain in mint condition even after years of use if you follow the proper maintenance techniques, which are described below:

  • Water and a damp cloth are all you need for a good wipe-down on your leather jacket. This will remove any dirt and dust that will eventually penetrate and stain the leather.
  • If there is a stain, be cautious to read the label before applying any type of cleaning solution. Test the cleaner out on a small hidden area before smearing the cleaner onto larger areas.
  • Let the jacket air-dry. DO NOT leave it on the floor or crumbled up somewhere while it is still wet. This will cause mildew and mold, which could potentially ruin the jacket.
  • Once the jacket has dried on its own, apply a thin layer of Leather Honey Leather Conditioner. This is not just a recommended step for post-cleaning, it is just as important as cleaning if not more important. Without Leather Honey, the leather will dry up, crack and lose its coloring. Think about your skin after you shower. The way your skin craves moisture is the same way the leather craves conditioning. Leather Honey can be purchased online. Just a half pint-sized bottle will last for years.
  • To apply Leather Honey, test in a discreet area first, then simply use another piece of lint-free cloth or a soft brush and gently rub a thin layer into the leather. Allow the jacket to dry the same way you did after it was cleaned – naturally.

You will see the difference almost immediately after this last step. The dirtied jacket will look brand new after this process. Conditioning can be done again and again to keep the jacket looking fresh after years of use.

Treat your leather jacket with care. Always hang it up when you are not wearing it and avoid bringing it outside when you know there will be excessive rain. If you notice mud or dirt on the jacket, clean it immediately so that it does not stain. Good leather jackets are meant to last but only with good care.

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